Friday, February 10, 2012

“To Struggle, Or Not To Struggle…That Is The Question!”

One of the vows that a couple chose for their wedding ceremony included the lines: "I will laugh with you in the good times
 and struggle with you in the bad."

When it came time for the groom to repeat his vows, he successfully repeated the first half of the line correctly, "I will laugh with you in the good times…"

However, the nervous groom was not so exact in reciting the second half when he said, "…and struggle with you in the bed."

Completely unaware of what he just said, the groom innocently looked out at the wedding guest's who were laughing hysterically...which only made everybody laugh all the harder.

An instant officiant decision had to be made to either have the groom repeat the line or just let it go. By the time the laughter subsided; it was best to just let it go. Why embarrass him any further at suc a crucial point in the ceremony? Besides, a life-long promis to "struggle" with one's spouse in bed can indeed be a worthwhile vow!!  

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