Saturday, June 2, 2012

Embracing Marital Difficulties

There are few natural wonders more startling in their beauty than Mount Everest, the highest spot on earth. Geologists believe that the Himalayas were created by the Indian continent crashing into Eurasia. If there were no collision between India and Eurasia, there would be no Himalayas. Without the wrenching force of continental shifting, the world would be a poorer place aesthetically.

In the same way, the “collisions” of marriage can create relationship of beauty. Beauty is often birthed in struggle. The points of impact may not be “fun” – in fact, they can make us feel like we’re bing ripped apart – but the process can make us stronger, build our character and deepen our faith.

Unfortunately, many people leave a marriage and break its sacred bonds because it simply gets too tough. Few people leave a marriage because it’s too easy! This tendency to avoid difficulty is a great failing that can and often does keep us in spiritual and relational infancy. The truth is, struggle in our marriages makes us grow stronger as individuals and as a couple…and in an interesting way, deepens our love for each other when we work out these difficulties together.

If your marriage is tough, understand that pain is involved in most transitions to something more beautiful…whether it is a caterpillar wrestling from it’s cocoon as a butterfly, a chick struggling to get out of its shell, two continents colliding to create a majestic mountain range, or a relationship enduring and working through difficulties only to love one another more on the other side of the struggle. Struggling successfully and profitably in your marriage brings a deeper love and joy than trouble-free living ever can.

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